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  • Robin Johnson

Book Cover Designs

Today I realized that it has been more then 7 years since I started doing cover design. My very first design being for Zoe Winters, the book titled Blood Lust. That was in June of 2010. Though my print and design business opened in the spring of 2002 I had never designed a book cover. When offered the opportunity to design for Zoe I told her I would be thrilled to try but would not bill her unless she was happy with the final result. Needless to say she was and I am still lucky enough to be designing covers for her to this day.

I have worked with self published authors, traditionally published authors, bestselling New York Times authors, authors from around the world, small presses and larger publishers. I have designed for almost every genre including women's literature, horror, science fiction, mystery, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, non-fiction, middle grade, young adult, new adult, romances of every sort , and epic fantasy. I have worked with new authors and authors with more than 100 books published. I have won cover design awards.

I was an invited guest to an RWA chapter meeting. I have been a keynote speaker on design numerous times. I have been on panels with industry professionals form editors to formatters. I have been asked to write about cover design and branding for a book. I have sat and chated with some of the biggest names in the book industry. I still can not believe that I have been this fortunate to be part of the book community. I have had the opportunity to be staff at a long standing convention and am still the main graphic designer for another. I have helped several events with design and graphics. I absolutely love giving back to this industry.

I get to mingle with readers, fellow book lovers and bloggers. I have made close friends and new family through my business and design. I have those I could call on all over the United States and around the world. I have privately met with authors on their vacations.

We are STILL growing! This year we debuted our new cover design website and this journal! I started making premade cover designs and added new digital and print packages for authors. We are always answering questions and looking for new opportunities to assist authors. I am so incredibly humbled and amazed at the generosity and loyalty of this community. I look forward to many more years designing and cannot wait to see you all at the next convention!

Thank You!!

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