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  • Robin Johnson

You have an ebook… now what? How do you get a print design?

Print book design

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I order a print design?” Did you know that one of the best resources you have is the printer you are using? Make sure you are familiar with their tutorials, website, requirements and instructions. While I cannot help with the formatting portion of the process, I do have links to help point authors in the right direction for print-on-demand services.

So what is a print-on-demand service?

Print-on-demand or “POD” means that a book is ordered by a customer, then printed and shipped directly to them, as opposed to traditional large print runs of books prior to an order or for an individual. Most self-published authors choose POD services for print production. The most common print-on-demand publishers are Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or “KDP” (formerly Createspace) for paperback print books and IngramSpark for hardcover or sleeved books.

How do I order print design and what is required?

All designers are different, but for myself, the most important aspect is that the interior formatting is complete. If the interior formatting is not complete the page number can change which means a different spine size and new template. If we start a design with an estimated page count this would mean redesigning later to correct the sizing. Redesign adds additional service time and cost.

Aside from the print template, I also need all of the text for the front, back and spine of the design. If the design is for hard cover I will also need the content for the two flaps on the edges of the cover. Make sure to include any author bios, networking links, quotes, photos or logos that are to be included on the design.

What do you mean by template?

A template is a layout guide or file created to the specification of the book size, page number and paper type for each printer. Both KDP and IngramSpark offer template generation forms on their websites to create these guides. Templates can be created in various file types. For my design purposes I require a PDF file which is available at both of these sites.

More information about my custom print design service can be found on my website! I am also always happy to answer questions!

Here are some helpful links...

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP):


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