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AI Artwork FAQS

Where can I find examples of your AI artwork?

You can see examples of our Midjourney work in our Generative Art portfolio, AI Premade Designs, on Facebook and Instagram.

How are AI images created?

Midjourney relies on two machine learning technologies, large language and diffusion models. A large language model helps Midjourney understand the meaning of a text prompt. Using a diffusion model, a computer gradually adds random noise to it's training dataset of images. It then learns how to reconstruct an image by reversing the noise. Below is a simplified example of the AI generative process.

Design showing how AI works.

How do you make unique art with AI generation?

To achieve a design we need to create “prompts” or descriptions explaining what we are looking for. This includes adding specifications for aspect ratio, version of the processor, style preference, etc. It typically takes several edits or variations to fine tune images. Designs are digitally manipulated, combined with other artwork, and augmented to create unique graphic artwork. This includes adding text, stock images, filters, and effects.


What is text-to-image prompting or generation?

Text-to-image is the process of imputing text prompts or keywords to generate art. These descriptive keywords can include colors, backgrounds, art styles, genre, model characteristics, lighting, camera angles, cropping suggestions, weather conditions, time of day, etc. When we create prompts for designs, we never use another artist's name, celebrity likeness, name brands, or logos.

Is AI generated art stealing from other artists?

We would never steal or copy works of art and, in fact, have always gone out of our way to avoid doing so. With AI generative art it's almost impossible to duplicate another artists work exactly. Even uploading a photo and asking the program to recreate the image results in vastly different renderings than the original image. We are very careful to make sure that there's no question of whether or not our artwork can be used for commercial purposes.

What are the legalities of using AI generated images?

Please see Midjourney's terms of service for licensing information. We have full commercial rights to the images we generate via Midjourney with our professional membership. All AI images we create are generated privately. We are actively researching and following AI usage and copyright developments.

Will Amazon or other retailers reject my book because of AI generated cover?

Currently, we're not aware of any publishers that have rejected books because of AI generated artwork. There is no documentation on the KDP platform which directly addresses AI generative design, that we could find. In most cases, covers that are pulled are for licensing infringements, unethical usage, sensitive content or illegal depictions of celebrity or political likenesses. These instances have always been governed, regardless of source. We pride ourselves on ethically using all resources and protecting our clients to the best of our ability.

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