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AI Generative Artwork

We are excited to announce that we will be using AI generation to enhance and expand our cover design services. With the innovation of AI design, our designer Robin is learning new art styles and techniques. She is once again researching fine artists, color theory, and art history. Using her art background, education and this refreshed knowledge she will be generating custom designs using Midjourney as a platform.


You can see examples of her Midjourney work in our Generative Art portfolio, AI Premade Designs, on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to inspiring new cover design concepts, AI generative art allows us to expand our design options to include illustration, cartoons, abstract backgrounds, period pieces and more! If you are looking for an painted look AI may be perfect for your design. Item collage, frames, object based designs, surrealism, fantasy, and science fiction are all ideal for AI generation.

AI creations can used for branding, merchandise, printed swag, avatars, advertising campaigns, and coloring pages! 

AI generative book cover design

I've been a graphic designer for 27+ years. I just stared using AI and am thoroughly enjoying the freedom and ease of creation. I also enjoy the problem solving and challenge of stretching AI limits. I don't want to create typical ideal beautiful AI art but to evoke emotion, feeling, to create something truly unique and unexpected. Some days the bots work with me and we sing and other days it's like fighting a stubborn toddler. - Robin

What makes a good AI design?

Much like photography the first image taken or created, in this case, is just the tip of the proverbial design iceberg. For every 500 images created with AI only a few are used. Robin spends countless hours prompting, editing, and designing. As with any art medium good design takes vision, heart, knowledge, practice, and  experience to create usable artwork.

AI Book Cover Designs
ai gen portfolio 5.png

It's amazing how much generative AI has changed my perspective of design. I have always prided myself on my photo manipulation skills. I can do just about anything with the right photo stock and inspiration. But the catch there is "the right photo stock". If you don't have a good foundation for your design it will never be as successful as it should be. As you can imagine, finding to right photo is not always easy. Sometimes it's not even possible. With AI, I'm not limited and as a creator there is nothing more amazing than freedom. - Robin

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