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Audio Book Cover Design

We offer digital design for audio book covers including Amazon Audible. Most audio book covers are created based on existing ebook or print cover designs. Square graphics also work great for online promotion.


We can also custom design new artwork for audio book covers. New custom designs are handled and billed the same as our ebook cover design services. Please visit our ebook design page for more information and pricing.


Ordering audio book covers is as simple as emailing with your interest and we will reply within 1-2 business days.

Requirements to Start

We will need all of the final text for the audio cover design including narrator name, author or artist, and book title. If the original cover of the ebook or print design was not created by Florida Girl Design we may need editable files, fonts, the design without text, and/or the original graphics.

Visit our Ordering FAQ page for more information!

Audio Book Design Pricing


Audio Book Design

Pricing Includes:

Design Based on Exisiting Cover

Ready-to-Upload JPG Ebook Cover


Does not include editable files.

Pricing shown is for audio book designs based on existing ebook or print cover designs. For new, custom designs please visit our ebook design page.

Alterations to Existing Cover Designs: For minor changes to existing cover designs with new files provided, the price is determined based on the project.

Payment should not be made until an invoice for services has been received.

We love to show off our work! We reserve the right to use approved cover designs in our portfolios.


Design Limitations: Designs with sensitive material, language or those that are too religious or political in nature may be declined.

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