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General FAQS

How do you make your art?

Our designs are created with a combination of effects, purchased design assets, AI generated artwork, public domain imagery, royalty-free stock photography, original artwork and filters. We utilize Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Midjourney to create graphic designs and book covers.

Can you design without AI imagery?

Of course! We are hybrid designers and are more than happy to proceed with a traditional stock photography based designs. We have been creating designs with stock for 12+ years. Robin is an expert photo manipulation artist and retoucher. However, many stock websites now sell AI generated images. We cannot determine or guarantee AI generation, or the lack thereof, from imagery obtained via image resellers.


More information about AI generated design can be found on our AI Artwork page.

Will covers be sold more than once?

All of our book cover designs are original creations. Once a design is sold it is never sold again.


Where do you obtain the stock images used in your cover designs?

We do our book cover stock image searches and purchasing on If you have an alternative royalty-free stock resource that offers large image files we should be able to work with your provider as well, but the stock would need to be provided by you. Florida Girl Design is not responsible for book covers by other designers that use the same stock in thier own designs.


What is stock licensing?

Royalty-free stock photography is usually offered with standard or exclusive licensing. For the purpose of our design services standard licensing is appropriate. Keep in mind that this means the photo can be purchased and used as many times as the stock provider chooses to sell it. We do, however, design our covers to create a custom look and unique style for each author.


Most royalty-free stock providers limit print impressions of stock photography, usually between 250,000 and 500,000 impressions. This means that the stock images cannot be printed more than this many times regardless of the medium. Usually digital impressions (as would be the case in ebooks or website art) are not limited. If more copies will be made, an extended/enhanced license would need to be purchased. The standard license is normally more than sufficient for most author’s needs.


What stock image license is included with my cover design purchase?

Stock will be bound by standard licensing from Depositphotos. Full licensing information can be found here In the case of depositphotos, ebook sales are unlimited and physical copies can be produced up to 500,000.


Do I own all rights to any photos or fonts you purchase to make my book cover?

We cannot distribute artwork, fonts, stock or photography to clients. In some cases, we can send links to the stock used. Our clients can then purchase the artwork/fonts themselves.


Who owns the copyright to the graphic art or cover design?

As the designer, we retain the copyright. However, you possess an exclusive license for the purchased design’s lifetime. While we retain the rights to showcase designs for promotional and portfolio purposes, we do not sell or reuse purchased designs in any way. In the case of royalty-free stock images, the original copyright is held with the photographer. We've simply purchased the right for the stock to be used on your cover.


How do I order?

Our goal is to make ordering as simple as possible. This being the case, we do not feel that a “shopping cart” mechanic works well for graphic design orders, particularly custom work. We ask for an email with your design inquiry to get started. You can get more inform about ordering on our Ordering page.

Can I call and talk to a real person?

We pride ourselves on great customer service! Please reach out to us via email first with any questions! If your question is not answered though email or on this website, we can certainly take your call. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. We can be reached at 904.678.2898. If your call is not answered please leave a message. We cannot take orders over the phone.

Is a deposit required for cover design?

We do not require deposits for custom book cover design work. An invoice will be emailed once the custom sample design is approved. For premade designs the invoice is sent when the order is placed. Swag and general graphic design work is also billed immediately. Print swag orders must be prepaid prior to printing. More information about payments can be found on our Payment page.

What do you charge for cover design services?

We believe in transparent pricing. The majority of our design work is billed a flat rate based on the type of design being ordered. Each service page of this site lists the pricing associated with that service. Estimated pricing occurs with graphic design and existing design edits. If we feel a cover design may require additional work or fees we will advise our clients before proceeding.

How many edits are included with the design price?

Our custom design pricing is based on our standard service time to consult clients, work with sample designs and create the finished design. Minor edits are included with our base pricing. These changes can include overall color shifts, font changes, simply layout revisions and text edits.This list is not inclusive. Redesign with new stock will incur additional design fees. We will let our clients know if we anticipate additional fees prior to invoicing. Design fees do NOT include the rights to any of the draft covers or sample designs that are provided before selection of the final design.

Can you send me the PSD file?

We can send a flattened PSD file with the typography separate (also flattened) for an additional fee. We cannot provide layered or editable versions of designs due to copyright restrictions with the artwork, stock images and fonts.

Should I credit the book cover designer?

Though not required, If you would like to add a "designed by" line to the book, we would greatly appreciate it. This text would usually be added to the credits page prior to the books start. Please give credit to Florida Girl Design Inc. at If the artist's name is included please use "Robin Johnson".

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