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Custom Ebook Cover Design

Custom ebook design is a great place to start whether your book is complete or you want the book cover design for writing inspiration. Ebooks are the front cover of your book and are the first impression your readers will get of your story. Books are an emotional and personal investment for writers and a professional book cover should reflect the passion that went into the story.

We know that ebook cover designs will be viewed on small devices and as thumbnails. Attention needs to be paid to font sizes, coloring, and contrasts when designing for small sizes. There also needs to be consideration for the ebook design on printed swag, banners, print design, and graphics.

We also offer custom Kindle Vella square designs. Usually created without titles or author names, this new kindle format caters to serial covers under a new platform introduced by Amazon. This allows authors to release just a few chapters at a time. These files are saved as JPG format and are 1600x1600 pixels in size.

Ebook Cover Design

Our getting started page goes through the process of starting custom book cover design step-by-step. Ordering custom ebook cover design is as simple as emailing with your interest and we will reply within 1-2 business days.

As part of our cover design service we purchase the stock for your design, when applicable. Stock will be bound by standard licensing from Full licensing information can be found here In most cases the stock can be used for unlimited electronic impressions and up to 500,000 print impressions.

Requirements to Start

We will need all of the final text for the ebook cover design including the title and author name. For ebook cover design we do not need formatting finished; in fact, the book does not even need to be written yet! All we need to begin is a brief description and basic design preferences. For non-fiction book cover design including memoirs and self help books we may need significant direction in order to create the book cover design due to the expertise of the subject matter and/or personal nature of the book. We do not need a copy of the book in part or full to begin design.

Visit our Ordering FAQ page for more information!

Custom Ebook Cover Design Pricing


Custom Ebook Cover Design

Pricing Includes:

Ready-to-Upload JPG Ebook Cover

Limited Minor Revisions

Standard Paperback 3D Rendering


Does not include editable files.

Our custom design pricing is based on our standard service time to consult clients, work with sample designs and create the finished design. We will let our clients know if we anticipate additional fees prior to invoicing.

Design fees do NOT include the rights to any of the draft covers or sample designs that were provided before selection of the final design.

Alterations to Existing Ebook Cover Designs: For minor changes to existing cover designs with new files provided, the price is determined based on the project, most edits range between $20.00 and $60.00.

Ebook or Kindle book cover designs are not designed for book printing and do not include bleed or safety margins. If special margins are needed please request this before ordering. Changes based on new layout requests can cause redesign and incur additional fees.

Payment should not be made until an invoice for services has been received.

We love to show off our work! We reserve the right to use approved cover designs in our portfolios.


Design Limitations: Designs with sensitive material, language or those that are too religious or political in nature may be declined.

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