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Getting Started on Custom Design

Step 1
Share Your Thoughts

To get started we need a brief description of the book, the book genre, intended audience, a description of any characters or objects to be included on the design, and any additional design preferences (such as color, fonts or layout). If you have seen book cover art that you like, please include a link to the book cover and let us know what caught your eye on the book cover design. If you have not had an opportunity to browse for stock or art we recommend

Not sure what to put on your book cover design? Finding the right photography or idea to make a book cover can be difficult. We are here to help. We can assist with stock photography searches, layout ideas and overall concepts. One of the best places to start is browsing existing book cover art in the genre of your book for general ideas. Try both specific and broad searches. Visual brain-storming is essential in creating a design for your book. You can also search for stock photography images that have the right feeling, color or action for the design. Just email us links to the stock and/or covers and we will puzzle together a book cover mockup based on those ideas.

For print design we will also need the PDF print template from the printer with the correct spine size based on the final page number and all of the text for the back cover in order to make a book cover with the appropriate dimensions. More information about print design requirements can be found on our print design page.

Cover design request forms can also be filled out to order. Forms are not required, but may be requested if we need additional details for making the book cover.

Step 2
Sample Design

After we have received your design preferences, we will email our suggestions and/or email a book cover mockup design. Sample designs are based on our client's design preferences and are intended for choosing stock photography and design layout. Book cover mockups may or may not include text. If the overall design is approved, but font or text changes are needed these would be done when working on the final design. Generally, we only work with one book cover mockup at a time, but we can make as many revisions as are necessary to fine-tune the work. If additional unique designs are requested we are happy to create those at additional cost.

Step 3
Ordering and Payment

Prepayment is due upon approval of the sample design before final design begins. Once the sample design has been approved we will email an invoice. We will need a billing address for our customer records. We accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal. The link for paying with Paypal can be found on the payments page of this website. Pricing can be found on our cover design pages.

Step 4
Proofing and Finalizing

After the prepayment has been received we will add the final design to our schedule for making the book cover. Final book cover design work takes 5-7 business days. Larger jobs or more complex design may take longer. We will email a PDF proof of the book cover design prior to creating the final files. Minor changes can be made to this design as necessary. Once approved we will email the finished files for the design. If the design is for print or the files are too large to email the files will be sent via, an online file sharing service.

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