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Custom Print Cover Design

We offer custom book cover print design for new designs, as well as designs from existing ebooks. Book cover print design is available for hardcover wraps with flaps or sleeves, case wraps, and paperback book covers.

John Kavanaugh 4 Kingdoms Book

We design paperback book covers and hardcover designs with printing compatibility in mind. With more than 27 years of design-for-print experience, we can foresee problematic areas with book cover designs and make appropriate adjustments so your printed book cover will print as expected. This includes cover formatting, color consistency, bleed, banding correction and overall image scrutiny. We take the time to ensure that your book cover design will always have consistent results when reproduced and/or printed.


Our getting started page goes through the process of starting custom design step-by-step. Ordering a print design is as simple as emailing with your interest and we will reply within 1-2 business days.

As part of our cover design service we purchase the stock for your design, when applicable. Stock will be bound by standard licensing from Full licensing information can be found here In most cases the stock can be used for unlimited electronic impressions and up to 500,000 print impressions.

Requirements to Start: Print Template

For all book cover print design projects we require the final PDF print template from your printer. The template should be generated with the correct spine size based on the final page count and show bleed.

What’s a print template?

A print template is a file that is a used as a guide for the layout of a printed product. In this case, a printed book or book cover. Templates include lines for the proper layout of the front, back and spine of a cover design for printing. It is critical that the interior formatting of the book be complete before the template is generated for the spine size to be accurate. Once the template is generated and downloaded we ask that the PDF file be emailed to us. If adjustments are needed later due to new sizing, additional fees and service time would apply.

Createspace Template

What do the guides on the template indicate?

Templates include the proper sizing for the book and spine based on page number, paper type and finished size desired. They also indicate three measurements that are important to ensure your printed book or book cover will turn out as expected. It’s important to note that every printer does things a bit differently. Preferring their bleed and live space to be in slightly different places. For each printer you are using for your book a new template will need to be created.

The first guide is for bleed. Bleed is the area that extends past the edge of the cover. When your design background “bleeds” off the edge of the page, the background of your cover will always appear seamless. The second is, the safe zone or "live"area. All text and critical design elements need to stay inside of this line to avoid being cropped or too close to the edge. Finally, trim, also known as a cut line. This is where the printer aims to cut the print design down to size.

Book Cover Template Generators:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

IngramSpark (Lightning Source)

Barnes & Noble

LuLu One-Piece Designer

Book Cover Formatting with KDP:

Paperback Formatting

Hardcover Formatting


Links to further formatting tips can be found on our links page.

Requirements to Start: Design Specifications

In addition to the print template we will also need design and any layout preferences for the design. This includes the final text for the front, spine and back of book cover as well as, any author photos, bios, series graphics, publisher logos and ISBN barcodes, when applicable. Please note that some publishers, like KDP will place the ISBN on the design during the printing process. In this case, sending the ISBN is not necessary. We do not need a copy of the book in full or part to begin design.

For non-fiction book cover design we may need significant direction in order to create the cover design due to the expertise of the subject matter and/or personal nature of the book.

Visit our Ordering FAQ page for more information!

Custom Print Design Pricing


New Paperback or Case Wrap

Pricing Includes:

Unlimited Minor Revisions

Print Ready PDF File

JPG Ebook Cover of Design Front

Standard Paperback 3D Rendering


Does not include editable files.

Hardcover Dust Jacket Design

INSTEAD of Paperback: $329.00


Paperback from Ebook

Pricing Includes:

Unlimited Minor Revisions

Print Ready PDF File

Standard Paperback 3D Rendering


Does not include editable files.

Hardcover Dust Jacket Design

INSTEAD of Paperback: $179.00

Our custom design pricing is based on our standard service time to consult clients, work with sample designs and create the finished design. We will let our clients know if we anticipate additional fees prior to invoicing.

Design fees do NOT include the rights to any of the draft covers or sample designs that were provided before selection of the final design.

Alterations to Existing Ebook Cover Designs: For minor changes to existing cover designs with new files provided, the price is determined based on the project, most edits range between $20.00 and $60.00.

Payment should not be made until an invoice for services has been received.

We love to show off our work! We reserve the right to use approved cover designs in our portfolios.


Design Limitations: Designs with sensitive material, language or those that are too religious or political in nature may be declined.

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