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  • Robin Johnson

Cool Book Covers

What makes a cool book cover? Is it an elaborate background design that tells a story like those found on many science fiction book cover designs? Perhaps fantasy elements or magical hints make a cool book cover? Does color play a part? Is a cool book cover one that is set in a cold environment like The Arctic Compass?

cool book cover design

When I think of cool book covers, I think of those that stand out from the rest. One of my favorite stock searches is the word "surreal". I love adding dreamlike and fantasy elements on a design. A cool book cover design should take you to a new place or envoke feeling.

cool book cover design

What about color on a design? Blues and greens are cool colors and can certainly set a cool tone for a cover design. Adding water, rain, snow or fog can also create a cooler look. Regardless of what makes a cool book cover design, I think all book cover designs should be unique and have some whimsy. They should bring the viewers into the story, capture their attention and tease their imagination.

cool book cover design

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