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Premade Cover Designs

I am so excited to announce the addition of premade book covers designs to our cover design services. Designs are available for almost all fiction genres and audiences. All of my designs are artistically unique and only sold to a single client. Once a design is purchased it will not be sold again!

Ebook premade designs are only $69.00 each. There are no additional fees for stock, licensing or royalties. Limited minor revisions include: editing the text, adding text, and font change from preference. A proof is emailed before any files are finalized.

If you need a bit more customization we can start with the premade design and make any changes needed. The fee for custom design is just an additional $30.00.

Please visit my premade cover design page for more information and a full list of available designs.

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Author Swag Printing

In addition to the Swag Printing that can be found on this website, we also offer many more options on our main printing business site.

Genres Served

Paranormal Romance

Romance (All Genres)

Urban Fantasy

Mystery & Suspense

Horror & Thriller

Fantasy & Historical

Science Fiction (Sci Fi)

Young Adult (YA)

New Adult & College

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