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We specialize in fiction design. We offer design services for romance, horror, mystery, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult books, and many more. If the artwork can be created with stock photography we can create it!

Cover designs are created using photo manipulation techniques including custom filters, digital actions, textures and lighting effects. We assist authors in stock searches for imagery that works together proportionately and visually with consideration given to highlights, shadows, camera angles and depth. Once the images are selected we hand mask or paint the photography to create seamless designs that place characters and objects in the right setting for the book.

We use our design skills to create consistent designs for book series and serial books. We can simulate the design style of other designers and finish projects for authors who cannot contact their previous artist. We make sure that all of the elements of the book cover design are cohesive and refined with attention to composition, readability and visual appeal.

Not sure what to put on your design?

Finding the right photography or idea for a design can be difficult. We are here to help. We can assist with stock photography searches, layout ideas and overall concepts. One of the best places to start is browsing existing designs in the genre of your book for general ideas. Try both specific and broad searches. Choose a few designs you like and some you do not. Visual brain-storming is essential in creating a design for your book. You can also search for stock photography images that have the right feeling, color or action for the design. Just email us links to the stock and/or covers and we will puzzle together a concept based on those ideas.

More information about stock photography can be found here.

Though it is not required, filling out our cover design request form may be helpful in pin-pointing an idea:

fiction cover request form

Fonts on Design

We use commercial use, royalty-free fonts in all of our work. We cannot, however, distribute these fonts to clients. We are always happy to supply the name of the font used and the link for purchase if it is available. We can also send a copy of the book title separately as it is on the cover design for use on title pages. If you are looking for free commercial use fonts we recommend Font Squirrel.

We design ebooks and print covers with printing compatibility in mind.

With 15 years of design-for-print experience, we can foresee problematic areas with book cover designs and make appropriate adjustments so your printed book cover will print as expected. This includes cover formatting, color consistency, bleed, banding correction and overall image scrutiny. We take the time to ensure that your book cover design will always have consistent results when reproduced or printed.

Design Limitations We do not offer illustration based designs, designs with cartooning/caricature or designs with a clip-art focus. Designs with sensitive material, language or those that are too religious or political in nature may be declined.

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Robin Ludwig is an absolute dream to work with. My only regret is that I didn't contact her sooner! I can't express how much I appreciate the professionalism and timeliness in her work. You know you've hired an amazing cover artist when you browse through the bestseller lists and spot a Robin Ludwig cover design! I am honored to be in such great company and will keep turning to Robin for her creativity and ingenuity. - Claudia Lefeve, Author of the Travelers Series

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