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We offer personal service and professional book cover design at affordable prices.

We want our book cover designs to stand out and capture reader attention while maintaining the right "feel" for the story. Through reading, blogging and industry networking our artist knows the current book cover design fads, trends and reader preferences.

Choose Robin Ludwig Design Inc.

Professional book cover design, graphics and author swag printing!

At Robin Ludwig Design Inc. we specialize in providing superior book cover design services utilizing professional equipment and software. This is not a hobby for us, but rather a full time book cover, advertising, and website design business which strives to meet our client's needs and specifications on time and at reasonable rates. We provide a combination of professional design, personal service, and affordable prices that cannot be found elsewhere.

From the beginning of your book cover inquiry we offer feedback on your design request and assistance to achieve the vision you have for your book cover. We design the book cover specifically for your genre and market. As designers we can imagine how images will meld and can visualize what alterations need to be made to create the right look. We are always happy to assist with image selection and provide book cover comps to perfect the look before starting with the final book cover design.

Special attention is paid to composition, readability and visual appeal. Our background in image retouching and restoration enables us to look for and correct imperfections in the book cover design. We also use special techniques unique to our business to create a finished look. Melding all of the pieces of the book cover design together through digital effects and adjustments. We do not overlook the small items but make sure that all of the elements of the book cover design are cohesive and refined.

We design ebooks and print covers with printing compatibility in mind. With 15 years of design for print experience, we can foresee problematic areas with book cover designs and make appropriate adjustments so your printed book cover will be exactly as expected. This includes file formatting, color consistency, bleed, banding correction and overall image scrutiny. We take the time to ensure that your book cover design will always have consistent results when reproduced or printed.

Our experience allows us to do all of this while remaining competitively priced. It is our sincere wish that every client is completely satisfied with their finished book cover design and is confident in their choice to continue using our business for future book cover designs. We know the importance of a book cover design and want to create book cover designs that not only catch readers attention but also intrigue them to learn more.

Robin Ludwig Design Inc. has been serving clients with design and print services since 2002 and is located in the south eastern United States. We have been serving authors and book industry clients with book cover and graphic design services worldwide since 2010. Indie Book Awards finalist for Best Cover Design Fiction in 2012.

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